Enhancing the environment, preserving our ecology

Our proposals will improve the ecology and environment of this key riverside site by safeguarding existing viable habitats whilst ensuring a net gain in its bio-diversity.

Sensitive and intelligent design of landscaping, pathways, riverside boundaries, habitat environments and drainage will all help add to the site’s appeal to wildlife and enhance the site’s ecological value to the local community.

We will use the greenspace strategically to allow for the retention of an historic farmstead and to maintain the character of the riverside area – in particular, reducing the impact on the setting of numerous Registered Buildings.

Whilst the site has relatively few species of bats our final proposals are likely to include the addition of bat nesting devices and bird boxes, whilst special care will be taken to preserve the characteristics of the River Sulby, rich in aquarian life.

We have undertaken highly detailed flood modelling and shared our findings with all relevant authorities and are satisfied that our layout and design mitigate against known risks, including future anticipated rises in sea levels.

We have designed all the buildings in accordance with the energy hierarchy below to reduce energy demand even before we have made use of low-carbon technologies and on-site renewable energy.


Reduce the need for supplementary energy through a fabric first approach and passive design features


Use the highest efficiency of building services available to heat and light homes


Harness renewable energy on-site where applicable and practical