Benefits of regenerating the site

Regenerating this derelict site will create new jobs, additional income for the local authority and an improved micro-environment for Ramsey.  It boosts demand for local services enjoyed by everyone – and even creates demand for more services, leading to even more jobs.  

Here are some of the key benefits explained:

Construction jobs

When construction commences it’s reasonable to expect many dozens of skilled local workers on site during the construction programme. Prior to that, of course, there’ll be ground-workers on site making it ready for development.

Supply chain impact

Given our island nature using a local supply chain of skilled trades and suppliers makes greatest economic sense, further boosting the economic impact of this investment.

New rates income

Every new home and business premises on the site must pay rates to the local authority. That’s new money for investment in vital services for local people.

Environmental improvements

Our proposals will improve the look and feel of Ramsey for everyone. And with investment in landscaping and conservation measures, we’ll make it better for Mother Nature, too.