Traffic considerations

Whenever a developer such as ourselves prepares a planning application it has to take independent advice which proves that its proposals will not impact adversely on the performance of local road networks and junctions, and that sufficient capacity exists for car parking.

Our appointed highway experts Tetratech have worked extensively with the local authority to obtain and understand the baseline position and to model the existing and likely impacts generated by our proposals.

The proposed development will be accessed off Poyll Dooey Road by way of a new priority T-junction, designed using the latest guidance and accepted in principle by the DOI.

We’ve designed the spine road running through the site to ensure low vehicle speeds to create a safe environment for all road users. The road has been designed so that it can accommodate buses once it is connected to Gardeners Lane.

Pedestrians and cyclists have been at the heart of our design philosophy and our proposals follow best practice to ensure a safe, desirable and healthy place to live through the provision of accessible streets and open spaces.

On-site car parking provision meets the DOI parking standards, taking into account the close proximity of the site to the town centre, which will be accessible by foot, cycle or public transport.

Our modelling with the local authority shows that there will be no adverse traffic impacts on the local highway network due to the proposed development.